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The objectives of the thematic network

The main objective is to identify and analyze the best tools from different countries in the field of career guidance for long-term unemployed people. In addition, to share and disseminate these tools (good methods, techniques and procedures) to improve the quality of career guidance in the countries of the European Union.

The specific objectives are:

  • To identify successful and innovative know-how in participating countries (Denmark, Norway, Spain, The Czech Republic).
  • To realize the working visits of foreign experts in the Denmark, Norway, Spain, the Czech Republic and acquire foreign know-how.
  • To adapt this know-how and put it into practice in several organizations.
  • To prepare an effective tools for dissemination of foreing know-how (training course, publication, CD).
  • To implement training course and spread know-how to other organizations that provide career guidance to long-term unemployed people.